Headmaster writes exam for three teachers

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Headmaster writes exam for three teachers


Three teachers from Mhumha Primary School in Gokwe who claimed that their headmaster had written O-level Mathematics examination on their behalf found themselves in trouble when they a�?twisteda�? facts in court. The three teachers, takawira Tafadzwa, Rachel Mahwerera and Netsai Nyangai reportedly told police that Mhumha Secondary School headmaster Bilton Shoko had written examinations for them.

The police picked up the three teachers to assist them in their investigations when it was suspected during marking time that their papers had been written by one person. After interrogations, the threerevealed that they paid Shoko $150 to write the examination for them. Shoko was arrested and when the three teachers were called in court to testify, they changed their statements. During cross examination they gave contradicting statements. They told the court that Shoko had not written the examination for them. Gokwe magistrate Mr Shepherd Mnjanja after hearing their different statements in court charged them with obstruction of justice.

The headmaster pleaded not guilty to the charges and was released as there was not enough evidence, but the three teachers were each slapped with three months imprisonment or $180 fine. The magistrate told the three teachers not to play games in court telling them that he was aware that there was some information they were withholding. .

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