Mablanyo’s weird fashion sense

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Mablanyo’s  weird fashion sense Lloyd “MaBlanyo” Chigowe


Fungai Muderere

DYNAMOS head coach Lloyd “MaBlanyo” Chigowe, suffered a double blow last Saturday.

As his charges were being haplessly pecked by the merciless Chicken Inn on the field of play he was again being shredded by the fashion police on the terraces.

While it is a truth universally held that coaches in world football certainly are not hired for their fashion sense, Chigowe’s dressing  left many wondering if it was time that Castle Lager Premier Soccer League coaches were forced to adopt a certain code.

It’s as if some local football managers don’t own a mirror, for there would be no other reason to explain how MaBlanyo was dressed.

Courtesy of the above picture, for example, MaBlanyo, a journalist and head coach for one of the biggest footballing teams in the country — Dynamos — alarm bells should be ringing because no sane man would believe that is appropriate attire for a football manager.

Seriously, look at that jacket, trouser and the cap.

It wouldn’t be too surprising if he would be complaining to his assistant, Murape Murape, that he cannot move his arms down.

Lloyd “Samaita” Mutasa 

This comes against a background of the fact that Chigowe’s predecessor, Lloyd “Samaita” Mutasa’s wardrobe upgrade left many puzzled.

We admit it is unfair to single out MaBlanyo. Throughout the history of the game, there have been countless coaches even abroad who have had fashion emergencies.

If there was a coach who should have made the list, then put him in the comment section and provide a link to the outrageous outfit.

Meanwhile, while his dress code might not be among the best MaBlanyo is one of the eloquent coaches in the land.

His amazing command of words is just but from the top drawer.

The lanky gaffer was born in Mbare and now lives in his Highfield house with his 49-year-old wife Thandiwe.

Chigowe’s eldest daughter Chido (26) reportedly has a Social Science degree, Danai (24) is into film production while Rutendo (20) is pursuing a Diploma in Designing.

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