Lynden drops heartbreak song

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Lynden drops heartbreak song Lynden


Langalakhe Mabena

Every human being has been in a toxic relationship, gave love and never got it in return and Bulawayo’s fast rising Hip Hop sensation Lynden Anesu Lungu is among those who have been in a toxic relationship.

Lynden is set to release his much anticipated single titled Cold on 28 August, and the song is based on reality as it was inspired by the rapper’s previous relationship which he termed “toxic”.

On the single, Lynden worked closely with Roman Chikumba also known as Zenn Mikko and Reginald “Stones” Moyo who engineered the beat and vocals respectively.

Cold will be released with visuals that were shot and directed by TCube real name Tino Ncube.

“The song Cold is based on a true story. When I wrote it, I was inspired by a toxic relationship I once found myself in. The offering talks about being a nice guy who gives respect to his lover but at the end of the day become betrayed.

“Cold narrates how sometimes males can be played and find themselves in a cold and toxic affair,” said Lynden.

Apart from Cold, Lynden said he was a very busy man in studio as he would release three more singles to wrap up the year.

He said his upcoming compositions will continue raising awareness on toxic relationships, that have proven to be among major reasons of men committing suicide after being disappointed by their lovers.

“I have three other singles which will tell more stories of toxicity and try to conceptualise the human experience from an emotion stand point.

“I don’t want to be understood or to be judged by my listeners, I don’t want to be right all the time. I want to tell my side of the story and I will tell it on behalf of those like me with similar experiences.

“I just want people to listen and understand different love situations as Dave Chapelle would say ‘I am human and I am going through a human experience,” said Lynden.

Lynden was born on 11 January 1999.

He is a rapper, songwriter, and record producer.

Raised in Bulawayo, Lynden embarked on his musical career in his early twenties releasing a mixtape titled Pretty Drugs in 2019.

He began to gain recognition in 2021 after his second mixtape release titled In My Eyes which saw ’99’ a single from the mixtape get inducted into Zi FM’s The Fixx’s Hip Hop Hall of Fame.

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