Luthuli keeps fans in Covid-19 loop

10 Jul, 2020 - 00:07 0 Views
Luthuli keeps fans in Covid-19 loop Luthuli Dlamini


Langalakhe Mabena
Most people panic during this era of Covid-19 because of uninformed and distorted dissemination of news and updates of this pandemic, therefore, there is a need for people to get the correct and accurate updates.”

The above are Luthuli Dlamini’s concerns on how Covid-19 misleading information can cause chaos during lockdown.

As such the veteran actor who hails from Ntabazinduna, Komatupula, has come up with an idea to start a community newspaper for the people from Amathole in South Africa’s Eastern Cape.

Amathole is a remote village where information is scarce as there are poor means of communication. Dlamini invested in the area through a community newspaper so as to keep that society informed.

“Information is very vital at this point. Everyday you wake up you look up to news to check if there are important updates about the pandemic, or have we found the cure yet. Therefore, this paper is me saying let’s balance the sharing of correct information in spite of where a person is located,” said Dlamini.

In the interim, a fortnight ago South African celebrated soapie Muvhango was forced to stop shooting after an actor’s partner tested positive for Covid-19, leading to the cast going on isolation.

The River and Skeem Saam were also forced to halt production.

As for the youth educational Skeem Saam, a member of the crew came into direct contact with someone who is Covid-19 positive.

As an owner of film production company Black Magic, Dlamini also expressed concerns about acting during the lockdown as he said it was unsafe.

“Acting involves a lot of contact, there is no way you can maintain social distancing during a scene worse if it’s intimate. I have taken a break in shooting because Covid is real and you may never know who has it, no one is immune at this time,” said Dlamini.

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