Lustful man dies from fractured skull…Fondles hookers and pesters them for free sex

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Lustful man dies from fractured skull…Fondles hookers and pesters them for free sex


Danisa Masuku
A MAN suffered a fractured skull after he was assaulted to death for fondling ladies of the night’s bums and poking fun at imbibers at a night spot in the city.

Thethelani Ndlovu (30), originally from Nhlobenje village under Chief Mabhikwa in Jotsholo, was brought to Bulawayo last week on Thursday by his friend Darlington Ndlovu who is also from Jotsholo.

Ndlovu said on the following day they went to a night spot to gulp wise waters and he got intoxicated. He then started to move around touching buttocks of the ladies of the night demanding free sex.

“He became a nuisance as he moved around the night club, proposing love to ladies of the night demanding free sex. They turned down his sexual demands. He then poked fun at them,” he said.

Ndlovu said the now deceased’s unbecoming behaviour went a gear up as he picked fights with imbibers and ladies of the night.

“He touched their buttocks while asking for free sex and called some names, he hit a lady of the night while threatening to stab whoever reprimanded him,” said Ndlovu. Seeing that Thethelani had landed himself into trouble, his friend intervened to ask for forgiveness, true to the late’s name which literally means forgive, they forgave him.

Ndlovu said he asked that they leave for home but he refused. He later left him there.

A source close to investigations said the late failed to restrain his unbecoming behaviour resulting in him being assaulted to death.

“They severely assaulted him and dumped him at corner Joshua Nkomo Street and 10th Avenue. On the day in question a well – wisher took him to Mpilo Central Hospital at around 4 am.

He died on his way to hospital. After he was examined a doctor said he suffered a fractured depressed skull and traumatic brain injury as a result of the assault,” said a source.

The source said a police officer on attachment at Mpilo hospital reported the matter at Mzilikazi Police Station.
Bulawayo acting police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Nomalanga Msebele confirmed the incident.

“We urge community members to desist from taking law into their hands. They have to seek help from police or elders or any authority if they are faced with an altercation,” she said.

She appealed for information that might lead to the arrest of the people who killed Thethelani.

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