Love rivals fight for sex

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Love rivals fight for sex


Danisa Masuku
A 33-YEAR-OLD woman sprinted to the court to ask the law to protect her from a love rival who sent her WhatsApp messages threatening to kill her and also taunting her, claiming she was “tasteless” in bed.

It is reported Zothile Moyo got fed up after her love rival Tabeth Vhezha (28) sent her a string of messages through WhatsApp bragging that Moyo’s husband loved her because she is a tiger in bed and Moyo was tasteless and claimed that it was the reason why her husband deserted her.

Moyo hit back saying: “I don’t fight for ipipi (I don’t fight for sex. I’m much more concerned about money not such a petty thing like sex.”

In a bid to inflict more pain to Moyo her love rival sent her a message saying she could not take care of Moyo’s children and she would dump them in the street if she failed to collect them.

Moyo felt she could not handle it anymore and reported the matter to the police leading to Tabeth’s arrest.

She appeared before Bulawayo magistrate Amanda Ndlovu facing a charge of contravening the Telecommunications Act Chapter 12:06, sending grossly abusive or obscene messages through WhatsApp.

She pleaded guilty.

“I’m sorry Your Worship, I acted out of anger because she was accusing me of snatching her husband while her husband told me that he was in the process of divorcing her and I fell in love with him,” said Tabeth.

Moyo said: “Your Worship, this woman belittled me saying the reason why my husband deserted me and with our children is because I’m tasteless in bed and abusive. She also threatened to dump my children in the street. She also threatened to send hit men to kill me if I failed  to fetch the children.”

The magistrate remanded Tabeth out of custody to next week Thursday.

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