Long live Project Ngoma

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Nkululeko Nkala

FOR the benefit of those who do not know, Project Ngoma is a fresh new musical outfit which is a cocktail of amazing musicians. It comprises one of the best modern day bands in the Country, The Outfit.

Also part of the group are Carlos Jiri and De Lukes. The Outfit on its own has Sam Siwela who is also an amazing vocalist. Carlos Jiri has even toured France as a solo artiste. De Lukes who carved his name under accapella sensations Family Voices, has worked with Vocal X and his group Roots and has also extensively toured Africa.

Why long live Project Ngoma? This goes beyond the talent. This group reminds me of Ilanga, PaxAfro, Nsync and Westlife. All these are brands that came together and took the world by storm with their artistry. They all have another thing in common though, that they are all defunct. Defunct because some of the more talented ones have gone on to try and follow solo careers which maybe outside of Justin Timberlake is a far cry from the success their groupings had.

I wish project Ngoma lives to see many many years as I see them as the best thing to come out of this city in a very long long time. I remember watching their brand launch in February at Heath Streak Academy and walking out of that place with nothing but kind words and a big wow. I remember wishing if only everyone could watch this show. I remember comparing their neatness and tightness to world travelled Mookomba. I remember wanting to write a piece about them and thinking I would not even do justice to their artistry. Well, worry not. Next week on Friday they launch their album at Bulawayo Theatre.

Project Ngoma is an all-male seven-piece band featuring Blessing Sitotombe on bass guitar, Tiyelani Chauke on keyboard, Sam Siwela on lead guitar, Obey Mudiwa opn drums, Prince Nyoni on second keys with Carlos Jiri and De Lukes on vocals. Project Ngoma is a nine-track album which will be launched on 30 May. The launch will also feature world-class percussionist Mangoma who is now based in Harare and has toured the world with acts like Dudu Manhenga and Hope Masike. The group will also share the stage with amazing jazz musician Jeys Marabini.

The nine tracks on the album are Xenophobia, a track inspired by the xenophobic attacks of 2015 in South Africa. Track 2 is Remekedza (respect) this is inspired by the Bible verse which says honour your father and mother, track 3 is a love song Ngifuna Wena, it chronicles the feeling of love at first sight. Track 4 is Musango led by De Lukes, it looks at the destruction of nature, it’s a plea to people to stop veld fires and rubbish dumping.

Track 5 is Umama, the song speaks of a single mother that abandons her children and leaves them to fend for themselves. Track 6 is Iwe (You) it’s an encouragement song to those afraid of love. Track 7 is Amalobolo led by Sam Siwela, he also leads Change and Ngilombuzo to complete the nine-track piece. Let’s meet at Bulawayo Theatre on Friday next week to witness this amazing work of art. Until next week, be safe. 

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