Lock-down and dirty!…as amorous couples turn morning jogs into sex orgies

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Lock-down and dirty!…as amorous couples turn morning jogs into sex orgies


Gibson Mhaka
IS your sex life suffering in lockdown? Do you relieve it through exercise?

If so, you are alone as some quick-witted lovebirds seem to have complete control over that stress, as they make full use of their exercise hour by doing a lot more than the “recommended” popular morning jogs or brisk walks.

Investigations by B-Metro reveal that to avoid lockdown wrecking their sex life or pushing their relationship to the limits some amorous couples especially the youth, are taking advantage of the popular morning jogs by hiding in the tall roadside grass, graveyards and maize fields to engage in in sex.

B-Metro also found out that some youths from North End suburb caused commotion early Sunday morning as they fought over girls and the best spots for the “morning glory”.

The investigations also established that some residents mostly from North End, City Centre and Makokoba have turned the large stretch of land at corner Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo Street and Masotsha Ndlovu Avenue, where King Lobengula used to hold the Inxwala Festival, into a love nest.

The depraved ones are also going for “quick sessions” at some of Bulawayo’s final resting places like West Park and Athlone cemeteries.

In other areas like Cowdray Park, Pumula, and Emganwini stories are also being told of how bushy areas and maize fields have become “overwhelmed” with people who have made it a habit to have sex orgies during morning jogs.

Residents spoke of their shock and disgust, with some saying it was tempting to assume that these cases were a product of the coronavirus pandemic.

Ms Ellen Maphosa from North End spoke of her fury after she spotted a youthful couple having sex against a tree on her way to town.

She condemned the behaviour as “shameful”.

“Early morning runs are no longer achieving the original goal. People have no morals at all, it was really shameful on Friday last week when I saw a youthful couple having sex behind a tree on my way to town. It was clear that they had left home under the guise of going for a morning jog,” she said.

Even when jogging some defy social distancing as they don’t keep a minimum of about 1,5 metres apart from each other to avoid the spread of Covid-19.

Edward Tembo from Sauerstown concurred with Maphosa saying randy couples, especially the youth, have turned morning jogs into sex orgies.

“Most residents, especially the youth, are taking advantage of them to engage in illicit sex. The truth is that teenagers now engage in sex, especially in maize fields or unfinished buildings,” said Tembo.

Mr Again Moyo who was visiting the grave of his mother also claimed he was left “horrified” after seeing a couple in jogging oufits having sex in the graveyard.

“Just imagine I visited my mother’s grave at West Park and came across two people having sex on a grave. I was horrified but they didn’t seem to care. It was clear that they were taking advantage of the tall grass that reduces visibility to enjoy themselves on top of the dead. It is obviously disrespectful to those resting in those graveyards and those visiting them,” he said while repeatedly shaking his head.

Residents have demanded action against those with ill motives to spoil the party for those with good intentions.

“We want those people jogging in the morning to control their behaviours because what we see in the name of exercise and being fit in the name of fighting the coronavirus is not morally right. Police should arrest anyone found jogging outside his or her home,” fumed Nothabo Moyo from Mzilikazi suburb.

Meanwhile, national police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi couldn’t be reached for comment by the time of going to print or responded to questions sent to him on WhatsApp to establish if morning jogs or outdoor running not considered a violation of lockdown regulations.

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