Local comedian invades Namibia

07 Jun, 2019 - 00:06 0 Views
Local comedian invades Namibia


Keith Mlauzi 

THE sky is the limit for Bulawayo comedian Courage Gondo who decided to move into Namibia to explore the other side of the entertainment industry.

Gondo failed to make people laugh back home in Bulawayo and thinks Namibia is the solution. Already he is a headline act there.

With four awards in the bag so far, Namibians love him.

“People this side like comedy a lot. They come out whenever we hold our shows. It’s a very supportive community,” he said.

There is unity in comedy.

“Here we are one family, even the top comedians are very supportive of upcoming artistes. Regardless of the fact that I am Zimbabwean I have received so much support from all corners of the country,” he said. He can now hold shows as the headline act.

“The industry has helped me grow as an individual. I am able to hold my own one-man shows where I can attract a large crowd,” the comedian added.

He vowed to come back home in a big way.

“I will be coming back home to claim my share in the local comic industry,” he said.

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