Little reggae love in Bulawayo

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Little reggae love in Bulawayo Daniel Matambo aka Judgement


Langalakhe Mabena
Jamaican inspired music from Conscious Reggae to Dancehall has proven to be less popular in Bulawayo over the years, a different script from that rolling in Harare.

This is because of less creatives locally who can cut and compose the genres in a fine way like their counterparts from the capital.

This has led to local Conscious Reggae and Dancehall artistes losing hope as they are less appreciated.

Even when Dancehall big acts like Winky D, Enzo Ishall and Freeman are headlining shows in Bulawayo, no local up-and-coming Dancehall or Conscious Reggae artistes have been given the platform to share the stage with them.

However, Kumalo suburb-based Conscious Reggae musician Daniel Matambo, who goes by the stage name of Judgement, is willing to take a shot and try to make the genre more popular in the City of Kings.

He boasts of several singles from Ghetto, Monalissa and Kuma Freaky Freaky which are regulars on local radio stations Khulumani and Skyz Metro FM playlists.

He revealed to B-Metro that despite the potential it has, Conscious Reggae was not appreciated in Bulawayo, something which has seen him not producing an album in his career which started in 2014.

“I have not done an album yet because I have not found that audience in Bulawayo where fans can buy my album but I have singles collections.

“Jamaica and Zimbabwe have a lot in common from fashion to musical culture. Even though Reggae is not appreciated much in Bulawayo I have faith that one day it will get more love from the locals, which is the agenda I am pushing,” said Judgement.

Out of all the genres, why Conscious Reggae in particular?

Judgement said: “When I was growing up my older brother used to jam to Reggae, so I fell in love with the sound as a young boy as it influenced my upbringing. When I made a decision of making music I then settled for the genre.”

The 25-year-old artistes’ sound is inspired by Jimmy Cliff, Ganet Silk and the Reggae godfather Bob Marley.

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