Lingerie modelling on the rise

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Lingerie modelling on the rise Whitney Masike


Keith Mlauzi/ Melissa Chekwa

A local 19-year-old model has decided to work her own way into the modelling scenes by bringing in a new twist most common in the United States of America which could probably be termed a taboo in the Zimbabwean community.

Unlike any other, boudoir model Whitney Masike is not after any crown but wouldn’t mind securing a unique crown by showing off a little bit of her flesh on social media. The young model has been making waves on social media with her pictures. 

B-Metro caught up with Masike who said she wants to pave a different path and bring in a new twist into the modelling industry.

“I do not want to be like any other model who strives to get a crown from a pageant because I believe there is more to modelling than cat walking. Boudoir modelling is what I’m bringing to the table,” said Masike.

She went on to explain the art of boudoir modelling. 

“A kind of lingerie modelling where you wear and pose in underwear to advertise for particular brands, though sometimes we have to wear more revealing underwear which has, however, caused some criticism from society,” she added. 

Masike, who has posed on numerous pictures showing off some essential body parts, said she finds comfort in nude poses.

“I’m comfortable with the type of pictures that I take, and I find fulfilment in it.

“The fact that we reveal our body parts doesn’t make me a cheap girl or draw me closer to being a porn star — it’s just a job just like any other,” said the model.

Lingerie modelling has its roots in the United States of America where models have been used by brands to advertise underwear garments and the culture is quickly spreading into Africa and Zimbabwe is one of the countries progressing towards the culture. 

However, Zimbabwean society might not fully accept this type of modelling as it might be viewed as obscene or anything that breaches society standards and norms.

Masike is nevertheless not moved by the criticism and condemnation she gets from people who do not approve of her choice of modelling.

“I’m not about negative people especially towards my career as a boudoir model. Mentioning this doesn’t mean that your words hurt me but it’s just a reminder, don’t come after my life because everything l do is all about my rules, not yours or anyone’s,” said the model.

To those that have been supporting her, the model said she appreciates the love from her fans who believe, support and stand for her throughout all the criticism. 

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