LATEST: Woman clashes with brother-in-law over family house

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LATEST: Woman clashes with brother-in-law over family house


Hazel Marimbiza

A woman from Bulawayo is at loggerheads with her brother-in-law because he wants her out of their family house but she has vowed not to move out.

Trouble began when Angela Mashinge who resides in Mpopoma Flats separated with her husband. Previously she had been staying peacefully with her husband in his late father’s house but one day he just decided to leave her and their two children.

This led to Mashinge’s brother-in-law, Adonis Mawoyo, chasing her out of the family house.

Because Mashinge is not being compliant, Mawoyo now occasionally changes house keys without Mashinge’s knowledge in a bid to get her out of the house.

As if that is not enough, he also sometimes removes Mashinge’s property from her room and scatters it all over the place.

Mashinge has had enough, and hence decided to seek help from the courts.

“I am applying for a protection order against my husband’s brother named Adonis Mawoyo who repeatedly comes to the family house where I stay with my two children and removes my property from my room. He also changes the house key although he doesn’t stay at the house and neither does he have any property there. The house belongs to my husband’s late father and I did not divorce with my husband. He just left me. I wish the court will grant me a protection order against him so that he stops removing my property and also so that he does not change house keys,” said Mashinge.

In his response Mawoyo said: “The house is a family house. We are eight siblings. Two of them died and left orphans. We agreed that I should stay in the house together with the orphans so Mashinge should find another house.”

Magistrate Jeconia Prince Ncube ordered Mawoyo not to evict Mashinge.

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