LATEST: Siblings clash over family house

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LATEST: Siblings clash over family house


Hazel Marimbiza

A woman from Bulawayo is at loggerheads with her brother because he wants her out of their family house. She has, however, vowed not to move out.

Trouble began when Dumisani Hadebe told his sister that the house should be sold so that they share the money but Sinanzeni Hadebe disagreed.

Because Sinanzeni is not being compliant, Dumisani now threatens to harm her. As if that was not enough, Dumisani sometimes chases Sinanzeni out of the house.

Sinanzeni has had enough and she decided to seek help from the courts

“I am a female adult and I am the legal owner of the house. My late mother, Liya Hadebe gave me the house while she was still alive and the house is registered under my name. However, my brother Dumisani Hadebe is threatening me with future violence and he wants to evict me and my daughter from the house. He also wants to sell the house so that we share the money. I am applying for a peace order against him so that he doesn’t come near my house and so that he stops threatening me and my daughter.”

Magistrate Tancy Dube ordered Dumisani not to evict Sinanzeni and to refrain from abusing her.

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