LATEST: Monster feels the heat after Ndoifamba Sei

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LATEST: Monster feels the heat after Ndoifamba Sei Monster


Langalakhe Mabena

Local rapper Prince Mzite otherwise known as Monster in the Hip Hop scene says he is under pressure to maintain the bars he raised on his first single Ndoifamba Sei, on his upcoming projects.

He feels he has to work extra hard to maintain the standard.

“I am feeling a lot of pressure right now because I know my next song has to match the same standards or even surpassNdoifamba Sei. The formula is not changing. I will just do the same way I did with my first offering,” said Monster.

The 26-year-old who specialises in trap sound, is gearing up to drop a couple of singles as follow-up, with Jonah being the second offering to be released.

“I am dropping my next single titled Jonah, it’s the second one from the collection I want to roll out. I think it’s going to be even bigger than my first song since the creativity is way deeper and also relatable to many.

“It has this hard-core trap vibe to it. It’s one of those tracks you can vibe to but also connect with and make you think hard,” said Monster.

After releasing Ndoifamba Sei accompanied with visuals, Monster revealed how he crafted a song that charmed a number of radio stations as it is enjoying a fair share of airplay.

“On Ndoifamba Sei, I was going through some hardship in my life. I couldn’t find out how to put things together.  People were judging me as they didn’t understand the situation I was in.

“I faced betrayal from the people I thought were my pillars to support me stand. Still, I didn’t let that break me. Instead, I used all that negative energy to better myself,” he said.

Composing music was his only way of escaping reality.

“As I didn’t have anyone to cry to, I decided to bleed on a beat and made sure it’s relatable to everyone who is going through some stuff and also to encourage them to soldier on,” said Monster.

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