LATEST: Man rapes 14 – year – old in his car

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LATEST: Man rapes 14 – year – old in his car


Danisa Masuku

A Honda Fit driver who gave a teenage girl a lift to her home allegedly produced an Okapi knife and threatened to stab her to death before he raped her leading to her falling pregnant.

The incident happened on 15 June this year when the minor who is a vendor and is in Form One was walking towards her home after selling her fruits at Intemba bus stop.

The source said: “It was getting dark while the minor was walking towards her home. The guy who was driving a Honda Fit car stopped and offered the minor a lift. She accepted the offer. When they were near a secondary school in Pumula South the guy drove off the road and parked his car before he locked the doors.”

The source added: “He threatened to knife the minor to death if she objected to what he intended to do to her. Fearing for her life the minor obliged. After the act he pushed her out the car while throwing out of the car her plastic bag containing fruits. He warned her not to tell anyone about the incident, then drove off at high speed.”

The source said the minor wore her skirt after which she went home and never told anyone about the rape ordeal.

Last week on Friday the teenager’s mum noticed some changes to her body after which she asked the minor on why she was getting fat. She revealed that she was raped by a Honda Fit driver.

Her mother took her to a private doctor where they did a pregnancy test and she tested positive, said the source. After that the minor’s mother reported the matter at Pumula police station.

Bulawayo deputy police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Nomalanga Msebele confirmed the incident. Asst Insp Msebele advised rape victims to report such cases early than to bottle them.

Insp Msebele also advised parents to develop a good relationship with their children so that they could feel free to tell them what could have befallen them in their absence.

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