LATEST: Man beats woman for dumping him

22 Nov, 2021 - 11:11 0 Views
LATEST: Man beats woman for dumping him


Hazel Marimbiza

A woman from Bulawayo has sought a protection order against her ex-boyfriend because he is in the habit of assaulting her for dumping him.

After dating for nine months, Tafadzwa Charity Mtekedza from Entumbane suburb is now fed up of being in a relationship with Victor Chanhera.

According to Mtekedza, she dumped Chanhera because he is an abusive and irresponsible man.

However, this seems to have greatly offended Chanhera because he now beats and insults Mtekedza.

In her court papers, Mtekedza said: “I am a former girlfriend to Victor Chanhera and we have been in a relationship for nine months. I therefore terminated our relationship due to his violent, abusive and irresponsible behaviour. Whenever he gets drunk he always assaults me for no apparent reason. He usually visits me late at night and shouts and assaults me. I hereby apply for a protection order against him as I am no longer interested in him but he doesn’t want me to terminate the relationship. He forcefully comes to my place. I pray that this honourable court grants my application and stop him from visiting or physically abusing me,” said Mtekedza.

Chanhera did not oppose Mtekedza.

The magistrate ordered Chanhera to refrain from physically and verbally abusing Mtekedza. He was also ordered not to visit or enter Mtekedza’s home.

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