LATEST: Cowdray Park man frequents ex-wife’s home to bash her

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LATEST: Cowdray Park man frequents ex-wife’s home to bash her


Danisa Masuku

Thembize Magutshwa of Cowdray Park suburb frequents his ex- wife’s home and bashes her and whenever he meets their children he tells them that he will chop her into pieces.

Nozithelo Sibanda said her husband suspected that she was having an affair with another man

Following the suspicions her marital life plunged into a sour affair. She said whenever they were involved in an argument her husband would hurl insults at her. He would assault her with a belt and fists.

Nozithelo is now living in fear because her ex-husband vows to finish her off and what makes her situation dire is that whenever Thembize meets their children he vows to them that he will chop her to pieces.

Nozithelo is leading a distressed life because her ex frequents her place and shouts obscenities at her. And when he meets her in public places he calls her names. Nozithelo felt that was too heavy to bear and she applied for a protection order.

“I am applying for a protection order against my ex – husband Thembize Magutshwa. He is very abusive because since the time we separated he frequents my place and he would accuse me of having deserted him and he would assault me. At times he comes during the night and he would hurl insults at me. Whenever he meets our children he would tell them that he wants to chop me into pieces and has made that vow on countless occasions,” she said.

The presiding magistrate Jeconia Prince Ncube granted Nozithelo a protection order against Thembize. He was ordered to refrain from physically and verbally abusing his ex-wife. He was also ordered not to visit Nozithelo’s place.

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