Know to spot it out from others

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Know to spot it out from others


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IF there is one thing which is most harassed in a woman’s body, it’s the vajavjay.

Surprisingly some do not even have a clue of how they look down there, but keep inserting and doing a lot of things to it in the name of taking care of the vajayjay.

At the end of day, they harm themselves and it gets more complicated as they would not be having a clue of its natural appearance, colour or smell.

At times when women share their stories after getting carried away and doing some home remedies to their vajayjay, you are left with no choice but to laugh. You find someone confused and not sure if she had hurt herself or what because of a new feeling and appearance down there.

It becomes difficult to help the person because she does not even have a clue of her original appearance and all.

It is important for every woman to know her vajayjay just the same way she knows her other body parts and be able to spot it out. You should be able to pick your vajayjay out of a crowd the same way you can pick your arm or the back of your hand out in a picture.

A lot of women are ashamed of their own vajayjays and think it’s not pretty enough. The truth is that there is no ugly one, they are just different shapes and sizes. So each and every woman must embrace her own and know even its scent because they are different as well.

Given a stack of dirty panties, you should be able to pick your dirty panties out of the pile without hesitation. You need to know your vajayjay like you know the back of your hand. This means you must take time and examine yourself down there so that even if a problem develops, you are able to notice and seek help.

You have to examine your vajayjay at a time when it is not your menstrual cycle. It will be a time when you are feeling healthy and strong down there. It is when there is no pain, no itching and no burning and you would not have been intimate for a day or so. All you need is a hand mirror and private space like bathroom or your bedroom.

This can be easily accomplished if you sit on a toilet seat with no panties on. Open your legs and angle the mirror so you can see. Look at your genitals carefully and study yourself.

It is surprising that many women do not know how their vajayjay looks, feels or smells. But at the same time it is one thing they claim to be most concerned about and wish to keep intact and perfect.

Sadly, some people avoid inspecting themselves because of the myth that vajayjays are dirty. That is just not true, it is one amazing part of a woman’s body.

They give you pleasure which makes you glow and are the pathway for a new life. It is the portal through which a new human life emerges into the world. A real woman knows that her vajayjay needs as much attention as her face skin.

Every vajayjay must be healthy. You have to know your smell down there and it’s easy to find out.

The easy option is to sit on a clean towel without your panties and watch TV for an hour. Your aroma will transfer to the towel. Then smell it and get to know your scent. You can also put your hand on the vajayjay for some time and then smell it.

If you repeat these processes twice or thrice, you will recognise your smell. Just as you know when you are the person smelling up the room after perspiring, you must know the smell of your pussy.

Once you know how your vajayjay looks and smells when she has not had sex, you need to repeat the process when you have had it. What are the differences in appearance and smell?

Take your hand and cup your privates. How big is your genital area? Can your hand cover the entire area?

It doesn’t matter how big the area is, what matters is that you know how big the area is. Take a moment to press the skin around the outside of the area, there should be no pain.

Now take your finger and lightly touch yourself in various spots. Touch your inner and outer labia, your clitoris and the outside and inside of your vagina. Don’t play with it.

Take a moment to feel how soft you are. Note the amount of moisture that is normal for you. Some women are moister than others. Establish a baseline for yourself, no one else needs to know you more than yourself. Then there is the tricky one of knowing how you taste, your vajayjay juices. There are some people who like blow job, want someone to know how you taste down there, but you have no clue.

Get to know your own taste and it would not kill or make you sick. Pay close attention to the salt or sweetness of your vajayjay.

Bear in mind that your vajayjay needs love and attention. Once you have a handle on your look, smell and taste, perform a quick exam at least once a month.

If your smell or appearance changes, it won’t take weeks before you notice and you will know of the change and act.

When something has changed in your body’s chemistry, find out from your doctor and it will make life easy as you will be able to talk to the doctor from a position of knowledge.

Take care of your vajayjay so it keeps working for you. If you take care of your vajayjay, your vajayjay will serve you well by remaining happy and healthy forever.

Every woman, after striking puberty, should take feminine hygiene seriously. Failing this, you may have to go through the ordeals of infection and foul smell, something that no one wants to go through!

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