Knife attack in ZWL$30 row: woman stabs security guard hubby twice

19 Mar, 2021 - 00:03 0 Views
Knife attack in ZWL$30 row: woman stabs security guard hubby twice


A woman from Iminyela suburb stabbed her husband twice with a kitchen knife after he asked why she used $30 meant to buy vegetables to buy a candle.

When Thabisani Ndlovu (28), who is a security guard, came home after 7.30 pm last week on Friday, his wife Tholakele Nyathi asked for money to buy vegetables.

According to Ndlovu he told her to take the $30 he gave her to buy vegetables, but Tholakele told him that she bought a candle. After that an argument broke out.

“While I was questioning her why she bought a candle instead of buying vegetables she got angry and started to accuse me of ill- treating her. An argument ensued. She then ran to the kitchen and fetched a kitchen knife which she used to stab me once on the left armpit and once on the waist. I fell and bled,” he said.

His neighbour Mqondisi Sibanda had to phone Ndlovu’s brother who quickly came.

“His brother Mgcini Ndlovu swiftly came and bandaged him. After that he phoned an ambulance which ferried him to Mpilo Central Hospital. He was admitted to Ward A2 and has since been discharged as his condition is improving,” said Sibanda.

Ndlovu said despite what his wife did to him, he forgave her.

“I would have to forgive her for the sake of our children. I have three children with her aged one year, four years and the other one is eight years old. I would take that as a mistake because naturally she is ‘cheeky’ and she easily gets angry,” said Ndlovu.

Tholakele has been arrested and is expected to appear in court soon.

Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube confirmed the incident: I would like to urge community members to desist from fighting over trivial matters and learn to live in harmony with each other.”

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