Killemol ropes in Novuyo Seagirl

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Killemol ropes in Novuyo Seagirl Killemol and Novuyo Seagirl


Langalakhe Mabena

They want to make a change with this particular offering!

Hip Hop group Killemol which comprises Emganwini’s King Rodney and Obby, have made a comeback in the game with a new single titled Ndakashatirwa Nhasi featuring multi-award-winning songstress Novuyo Seagirl.

The song will be released on 10 September and it will be available on all digital music platforms.

King Rodney said the song was composed to address various issues that affect artistes in the dog-eat-dog local music industry.

It also provides comfort to those who have a mental health challenge.

“This track is about the frustration that artistes go through day by day. The gift, and the curse of being a talented individual in a place where artistry is not considered as a profession is painful.

“The offering also touches on mental health issues affecting the youth from pressures exerted by society, family and friends through expectations,” said King Rodney.

Obby said their return in the game was slowly changing their form of music from being rough to a smooth flow creativity.

They provide diversity on their work by featuring female artistes in the game, just as in the case of Novuyo Seagirl, who is part of the Ndakashatirwa Nhasi project.

“We have always been an aggressive duo but you would find that currently we are going slowly and deeper. We also worked with a number of female artistes so as to give them a voice.

“Previously, we worked with Nakahmilah and Qeqeshiwe Mntambo. We continue to try to absorb everyone as we can and that’s the reason why we recently worked with Novuyo Seagirl,” said Obby.

Seagirl was ecstatic about having worked with the duo.

“I am happy that they considered working with me on this project. Killemol is one of the groups to reckon with in the local music scene and their work is amazing.

“I hope the song will change a lot of things in the industry and will inspire a lot of people not to give up for no one knows what tomorrow holds,” said Seagirl.

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