Khulumani FM’s Black D invites men…‘Let’s Talk About Sex’

26 Nov, 2021 - 00:11 0 Views
Khulumani FM’s Black D invites men…‘Let’s Talk  About Sex’ Black D


Langalakhe Mabena
In almost all African cultures, men are socialised as the initiators of sex and when things go off under the sheets, they are likely to be victimised for poor performance.

In a contemporary society, such norms have to be done away with and men have to be brought together and address sexual issues, a reason which led Khulumani FM’s Black D to hold a public sphere to tackle men’s virility.
She is set to facilitate a men’s edition of Let’s Talk About Sex, which is aimed at giving men orientation, ideas, skills, and solutions when it comes to the adults’ game.

The not-to-be missed festive men’s conference, will be held at The Standard Hotel on 29 November from 6pm to 9pm.

Black D, who hosts Behind Closed Doors on Khulumani FM on Wednesday nights, said men were shy to talk about their sexual issues because they are “men”.

“I specifically chose to talk about sex because I have noticed that every other social issue is catered for in terms of having platforms for discussion.

“But sex is treated as a taboo topic, yet it’s one of the major reasons that leads to marriages and relationships break-ups.

“I chose to sit down with men on this edition particularly because they are secretive and introvert when it comes to sex talk because of cultural factors.

“Women are always prepared for relationships and marriages because in some cultures they are sexually orientated while men are sidelined by assuming that they know what to do naturally. But, when it comes to the main action, you will be surprised.

Women are given lessons according to tribes on how to treat a man. So, as to balance the equation, there was a need to empower men to give them lessons and mentorship when it comes to sex,” said Black D.

Professionals and experts when it comes to men’s sexual health will be part of the panel on the night.
They will offer training and solutions to men with sexual dysfunction like early ejaculation and also have discussions on the size of the manhood and how they can find an alternative to satisfy their partners.

“I will not be sharing my personal experiences, but my sexual life will help me come up with a guideline for the discussions because I believe, as women our sexual experiences are almost similar.

“Men are encouraged to take this opportunity with both hands because this will be an honest forum that aims to encourage them to open up and find possible solutions to have a happy and healthy sex life,” said Black D.

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