Khazins’ lamentation

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Khazins’ lamentation


Melissa Chekwa

Bulawayo’s Western Khazins felt less appreciated by organisers of the famous Miss Valentine’s that took place on Saturday at BAC Leisure. 

The Western Khazins known for their fusion of afropop, qgom and amapiano were booked by the Miss Valentine’s organisers to perform for free at the pageant show but were later disappointed when they had to go home without gracing the stage with their flair.

The group was told that they were going to perform in a slot during the modelling show when it started.

“When I went to look for the programme, they kept directing me from one organiser to another until they finally told me that we were going to perform after Enzo,” said the Western Khazins manager, Judchelsy Chisare.

After Enzo performed, Chisare said the organisers came up with more excuses to keep them from performing.

“Just as we had changed after his performance, they came and told us that we can’t perform after Enzo. Shinso would be the one performing after him,” reported Chisare.

The infuriated group that had been rehearsing for more than two weeks went back home without performing but they had a lot to say after being stood up by the organisers that had booked them a few weeks before the show.

“Why were we denied the stage? Almost half of the audience was ready for us and kept asking when we were going to take the stage.

“We know we are Enzo’s competition because we outshone him in December. So was this a way of publicly embarrassing us?” said Chisare. 

The manager felt that home shows should be the ones to give them their needed exposure as up-and-coming artistes. Artistes from Bulawayo were Western Khazins and MK Music but he also didn’t perform as he claimed to have been busy.

“They are giving prominence to outside artistes at the expense of local ones. Is it because we are up-and-coming so we can’t share the stage with established artistes? Even when we got to the venue, we were made to sit outside because we had to wait for MK Music, one of the organisers who came two hours later with Enzo and Shinso,” said Chisare. 

She said the organisers had called them days after the show apologising for what happened. They were promised a show as compensation.

Laba le-show laboEnzo last time, yibo abantu abayenza lingatholi i-stage (You had a show with Enzo last time, they are the ones responsible for you not getting the stage),” said one of the organisers to Chisare in some of the shared WhatsApp chats.

The organisers could not be reached for a comment. Their phones rang unanswered and were eventually not reachable.

Last year in December, in a series of shows in Bulawayo meant to promote mostly up-and-coming artistes, Western Khazins outshone Enzo Ishall as the hysterical audience fought to get to the front to have a better view of the performance. When Enzo performed, the response wasn’t as hyped as that of the Western Khazins.

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