Khami Prison holds arts, engineering expo

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Khami Prison holds arts, engineering expo Some of the items on display at Khami during Prison’s Day commemorations last Saturday


Bubelo Moyo

Imprisonment of the body is bitter but the imprisonment of the mind is worse.

Surely the above wise saying has no room in the mental capabilities of the Khami Prison inmates who have defied the odds by proving their value in the society — they have found their worth and joined various life skill classes in the other world.

No human is limited.

The society which has been seen by many as outcasts has nurtured its uncooked talent in a way to afford them life beyond the wall and this has seen many joining art and craft classes handled by the professional instructors — the guards.

Being showcased last Saturday at Khami Prison Complex, Prisons Day commemoration was auto electrics, art and craft sculptures and guards’ and inmates gears which are produced within the facility, only to mention a few.

B-Metro interviewed one of the inmates who was glass casing his works.

“I designed this copy of a car lighting system so as to enlighten people on how the auto section of a vehicle works.

“We run a workshop which is open daily at this facility and customers from outside are welcome to bring their faulty auto systems for maintenance,” added the Class Three auto mechanics’ inmate.

On arts display were hand crafted pieces which include African savannah animals made of wood.

“All the expertise here is produced by me and other prisoners who are part of my class and it’s sad you cannot interview one of our gifted craftsmen due to this level (Maximum Security),” said one of the officers in charge of the rehabilitation classes.

Above all the motive to grow the convicts both emotionally and physically is the goal set by the prison services and as a result it is not amazing that the force’s establishment has been rebranded to Zimbabwe Prison and Correctional Services (ZPCS) from Zimbabwe Prison Services (ZPS).

“Classes are for free and the inmates are equipped with professional skills that armour them with full knowledge which enable them to excel in all trade tests,” said Zimbabwe Prison and Correctional Services (ZPCS) provincial public relations officer for Bulawayo Metropolitan Province, Garainashe Moyo.

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