Kevin Makhosi signs to SA renowned recording label

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Kevin Makhosi signs to SA renowned recording label Kevin Makhosi


Bubelo Moyo

He released his debut album in March and six months down the line he has signed a recording label deal. That is the story of Kevin Makhosi.

This is a living testimony of South Africa-based Zimbabwean Afro House musician Kevin Makhosi who has been afforded a recording deal by Under G Entertainment Records, founded by the legendary top producer Tronix.

Lazarus “Tronix” Madibe is celebrated for producing albums for South Africa’s top music stars Mzambiya, Msawawa, Spikiri and Arthur’s Makhendla.

Makhosi believes his debut album titled Nyimbo Za Ku Afrika which got a distribution deal in Italy after its release has once again opened doors for a record deal for him with South Africa’s finest old school studio.

How did he pull it off? 

“I was in this WhatsApp group with many artistes and record label owners. They heard my music and did a background check on me. That’s how they became interested,” he said.

In the album you will be met by Makhosi using his multi-linguistic skills to appeal to Africa. 

Nyimbo Za Ku Afrika means African Music and I named it that way because I wanted my album to feel more African, thus even going an extra mile by using six African languages on it,” added Makhosi.

What’s in the pipeline?

The nascent musician will be releasing a single next month titled, In My City, featuring South Africa-based Bulawayo producers, Shuza Drums, engineered by DJ Zwesta.

Makhosi hinted on holding a show in Bulawayo with the aim of promoting the new single probably this summer on his tour. 

The recording label will be facilitating the artiste’s recordings, distributions, and promotions.

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