Keith feeds homeless Zimbabweans in South Africa

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Keith feeds homeless Zimbabweans in South Africa Oliver Keith


Kwanele Khumalo
SOUTH AFRICA-based entertainer Oliver Keith Siamuloboka does not spend his weekends drinking and partying like other celebrities, he ends his week by feeding needy Zimbabweans in and around Johannesburg.

The multi-talented actor, comedian and model has added another occupation to his CV — philanthropist — when he started a project called Just Be Kind in 2016.

Just Be Kind also provides sanitary ware to young girls.

Oliver Keith hands out meals, sandwiches and drinks to homeless and vulnerable Zimbabweans in Johannesburg every weekend.

“I was once in need, and someone stepped in and helped me with a plate of food and a kind word. That is what motivates me.

“I rely on my Facebook followers who chip in and donate food items and some volunteer to help me distribute food packages,” said Oliver Keith.

Oliver Keith holds a degree in English and Communication with the University of South Africa (Unisa).

“I am motivated by a woman who wakes up at the crack of dawn to fend for her children. And a man who has to take up three jobs to make ends meet and pay fees for his children,” said Oliver Keith.

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