Kamhapa, Makatuka back in Zimbabwe

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Kamhapa, Makatuka back in Zimbabwe


Noel Munzabwa

FORMER Caps United duo of Cabby Kamhapa and Steven Makatuka have sneaked back into Zimbabwe after being released by MTN Premier league of Eswatini outfit Mbabane Swallows.

Though it is not clear when the duo travelled, it was confirmed on Tuesday night that they travelled to Harare after receiving their first tranche of their monthly payments due to them and will only be returning to Mbabane this month end for the second payment.

It is not clear how they would be paid and for how long but recent media reports suggested the parties had settled for 28 000 Emalangeni (US$2 000) each as compensation after being left in the cold at the closure of the 2019/ 20 season first transfer window.

Though both remained unavailable on their Eswatini contacts a friend to the duo who preferred anonymity confirmed the latest development.

“Steve and Cabby are back in Zimbabwe after receiving their first payment and will be travelling every month to collect their monthly payments due to them. As it is I am expecting them sometime next week for the next payment.

“It would have been wiser for them had they pushed for a once-off lump sum amount considering the current arrangement could be costly in terms of travelling costs but this was their best choice which they settled for,“ said the source.

Kamhapa and Makatuka were ostensibly left in the cold until the January transfer by MTN Premier League of Eswatini outfit Mbabane Swallows.

When the first Eswatini football 2019/ 20 season transfer window closed together with most of the world’s leagues last month Kamhapa and Makatuka found themselves outside the Mbabane Swallows registered players despite having running contracts expiring in June next year.

In June when the pre-season began it all seemed clear for the duo that they would form up part of the maximum five foreign nationals quota but the arrival of three South African nationals Thabiso Mokenkoane, Vusumuzi Zungu and Sphamandla Dlamini in the Birds’ nest meant the eight foreign internationals had to compete for the five slots.

The former Caps United players were January transfer window period additions. 

While Makatuka enjoyed generous play time in all games since arrival, Kamhapa was relegated to cameo appearances.

Despite being free agents now, they are ineligible to the exemption of being registered outside the transfer window both in Eswatini and in Zimbabwe after being released well after closure of the two countries’ transfer window periods. 


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