Kadder sings for Brenda Fassie

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Kadder sings for Brenda Fassie Kadder


Langalakhe Mabena
Kwaito musician Kadder, real name Proficience Cadder, has honoured the late iconic South African hero Brenda Fassie by composing a song that praises MaBree for the role she played in representing female musicians on the African music scene.

The single was significantly released on June 16, Day of the African Child, as a way of embracing Brenda Fassie’s passion of defying all odds rising to stardom in a South African apartheid environment which was difficult for black children.

“The single is my tribute to the late Sis Brenda Fassie, the Madonna of Africa because she played a pivotal role in making sure women are also respected on the African music scene. She was unapologetically true to herself and she was very vocal in issues of gender-based violence.

“This song celebrates her life and how she inspired many African black women including me to chase their dreams for it is possible to be successful despite one’s upbringing and gender,” said Kadder.

Kadder also revealed that growing up she didn’t dream of becoming a musician but Brenda Fassie’s music changed her mind and inspired her to take up music as a career.

“Growing up I never really thought I would be a singer. However, in my childhood I remember singing MaBree’s songs such as Vulindlela and Nomakanjani. This changed my mind as I wished to be a star like her.

“Since then, she became my role model because her lifestyle taught me to be strong as she never worried much about her flaws no matter what negative publicity she got, a trait I have inherited,” said Kadder.

Meanwhile, Kadder is working on her third studio album titled Kadderlicious, where she is working with Khoi Khoi, Madlela Skhobokhobo, Thandi Dlana, Zhezhingtons, DJ Wikead, United Kingdom-based Sinazo and DJ House Blesser from South Africa. She started doing music in 2008 and made her first appearance at Ibumba Arts International Festival.

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