JUST IN: Women sexually abused at ZUPCO bus ranks

18 Aug, 2021 - 12:08 0 Views
JUST IN: Women sexually abused at ZUPCO bus ranks


Hazel Marimbiza

Student activists from the University of Zimbabwe have implored the Zimbabwe United Passenger Company (ZUPCO) authorities to protect women from being abused at their bus ranks because many women were reportedly sexually abused in bus queues.

Activists who spoke to B-Metro bemoaned poor enforcement of laws which protect women at bus ranks.

Acknowledge Mawere

Acknowledge Mawere, spokesperson for Observe Our Rights Group, said they had encountered a lot of women and girls who had been abused at ZUPCO buses pick-up points.

“From the interviews and researches we have done so far, women and girls are telling us that since there is usually a lot of pressure and a lot of people trying to get into the buses at times some men touch their private parts and other sensitive parts of their bodies,” said Mawere.

He added: “There is also an issue of conductors, drivers and monitors demanding to date young school girls to secure them a seat.”

Mawere urged ZUPCO officials to create a women-friendly environment in the ZUPCO spaces.

“It would be best if the Government can bring in more buses so as to curb this scourge because it is at ZUPCO ranks where some ruthless, inhuman shameless and corrupt men are opportunistically abusing women and taking advantage of young girls who are desperate to travel timeously.

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