JUST IN: Kunzwana trust resurrects to help artistes affected by Covid-19

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JUST IN: Kunzwana trust resurrects to help artistes affected by Covid-19


Langalakhe Mabena

After taking a sabbatical, Kunzwana Trust, a non-profit organisation which fosters the practice and study of indigenous music in Zimbabwe, has bounced back as a way of helping artistes’ who have been affected by Covid-19.

The Trust, founded in 1987, also seeks to promote the works of performing artistes and instrument-makers for fair reward in the world of arts.

The name Kunzwana is a Shona name which translates to listening, hear and understanding one another.

Originally, Kunzwana was directed by the late renowned musician, composer and activist Keith Goddard.

After the death of Goddard there was a hiatus in operations, but now the revival of Kunzwana Trust is being headed by trustees Debbie Metcalfe and Penny Yon, along with Ian White.

All of them are ‘veterans’ who have worked with hundreds of Zimbabwean artistes in building and supporting the arts in Zimbabwe over decades; with a wealth of experience and a proud legacy.

Kunzwana has worked with many local artistes who include Black Umfolosi, Oliver Mtukudzi, revered Mbira players Simon Mashoko and Beular Dyoko, along with artistes from Mozambique and South Africa.

As it has returned at a time when the catastrophic pandemic hit hard the Zimbabwean arts industry, the Kunzwana Trust comes as a ray of hope during these trying times to fund artistes through their Arts Factory services.

Workshops are also planned to help artists towards mastery in the new digital space.

“The Arts Factory services comes as a ray of hope at a time when local artistes are already struggling for economic survival, crippled by Covid-19.

“Careers are in jeopardy therefore there is a need for envision, plan and prepare for a post-Covid-19 recovery.

“Artistes and cultural practitioners are invited to apply for assistance in that particular thing that will help to boost their careers.

“These may be on the fields of graphic design, a press release, to develop a professional artiste profile; help towards a stronger social media presence, or access to technical production facilities and product marketing,” reads a statement from Kunzwana Trust.

To apply for Arts Factory assistance, those interested can email Kunzwana by the end of Monday 23 August, with a short (5 lines) description of what help they need and a short (5 lines) reason why.

The e-mail address is [email protected]

This service is made possible by the Creative ACTIONS project with the support of the Culture Fund of Zimbabwe and the European Union Delegation to Zimbabwe.

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