JUST IN: Honda fit driver dies after knife stabbing

21 Sep, 2021 - 17:09 0 Views
JUST IN: Honda fit driver dies after knife stabbing


Danisa Masuku

A man who was driving a Honda Fit car died on the steering wheel after he was stabbed and robbed by a seven-member gang for allegedly showing off.

A friend to the late David Tembo (30) who was a miner at Trafalgar 63 Mine in Kwekwe said Tembo drove with his two friends to buy beer at Dollar Bar but found the bar closed. There were seven men who were sitting at the fireplace in front of the shop.

“One of the guys approached him and offered to assist him by waking up the bar lady and he did so. Tembo had a lot of money and when he flashed a stack of US$100 and bought beer, one of the seven-member gang accused Tembo of showing off,” said a source.

The source said one of the suspects held Tembo by his throat.

“In a bid to stop them from attacking him he offered to buy them beer but they would not accept that. They hurled insults at him while accusing him of being a snob,” said the source.

The source added: “In the midst of the fracas Tembo’s friends fled from the scene leaving him at the mercy of the seven-member gang who took turns to assault him with fists and stabbed him in the thigh. They robbed him of an undisclosed amount of money and fled.”

He drove home but collapsed on the steering wheel on the way and died due to excessive bleeding, said Tembo’s friend.

His body was taken to Kwekwe General Hospital for post-mortem.

The matter was reported at ZRP Kwekwe and the gang has not yet been arrested.

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