JoyRukanza brings Kid X to Byo

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JoyRukanza brings Kid X to Byo JoyRukanza


Langalakhe Mabena
When she collaborated with South African rapper Kid X early this year, it was a New Day (title of the song) for United Kingdom based muso JoyRukanza as she fulfilled her dreams.

8 October saw an upgraded JoyRukanza as she dropped an international single Queendom with visuals, a piece of art that has established her as one of the most sought-after artistes from Zimbabwe.

As the festive season approaches, the Pumula South bred superstar wants to create a memory with her local fans as she will be bringing KiD X, Azana (SA), KBrizzy, Noluntu J, Ryan Synth, Suhn Forever and Mawiza all on one stage.

The gig will be held at the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF) Hall 3 on 11 December from 11am to 6pm.

Tickets are being sold for US$20.

B-Metro Showbiz caught up with JoyRukanza to find out more about the much-anticipated show.

Q: What made you come up with the concept of such a show?

A: I wanted to perform live in front of an audience, something I have never done in my city before.

My team then suggested an event which would also showcase talent from the city and beyond, which we thought was a great idea as it would help contribute towards the growth of our industry and provide a platform for artistes to network, connect with their audience and learn from each other.

We chose to name the gig “Forêt Tropicale” which is a French term for Rain Forest.

We will have some forest inspired themes on the day and we chose that because a forest is full of trees, trees symbolise life and we hope that the event will bring life to the attendees.

I promise they will enjoy the performances and also foster the growth of our industry as well as the culture of music festivals beyond the festive season.

Q: What pushes you to retrace back to your roots (perform in Bulawayo)?

A: I was born and raised in Zimbabwe and have worked with artistes from home ever since I started my music career.

However, due to the break I took to study, some people may still not be familiar with my works so I am using every opportunity I get to connect with them and make the JoyRukanza brand visible.

Q: What inspired you to pick those particular artistes for the lineup of the gig?

A: Their sound, creativity and dedication to the industry piqued my team’s interest in the acts that made the lineup.

Q: You have been close in music with KiD X, how is it working with him?

A: Incredible. He is very humble and super knowledgeable. It’s amazing to have that access to him and constantly get inspired by his wisdom and works.

Q: What should people expect on the day of the show?

A: Creativity that is out of this world, good music and amazing vibes.

Q: On your nomination at the ZimStar awards, how do u feel on getting your first local nomination?

A: I have been working extremely hard this year and it feels amazing to know that my efforts are being recognised by people. It inspired me to keep pushing even further. I’m truly grateful.

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