JØY gets the world singing

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JØY gets the world singing Joy


Langalakhe Mabena
United Kingdom-based female rapper Roselyn “JØY” Rukanzakanza is over the moon as her latest hit Roses is making waves on radio stations all over the world after only a week of its release.

The Pumula South-bred songstress released the single with visuals on 12 March and it’s the second single (after JØY featuring South Africa’s Kid X) to be released as a build-up to her much-anticipated album to be dropped end of April.

The single was produced by Murphy Cubic.

The Koreans, British, Russians, Dutch and the native Africans are singing to her new offering, which is a love letter detailing what happens in relationships when love is left unnurtured.

“Roses is a piece of love. It uses the metaphor of a garden whose flowers dry up when not fully watered to symbolise how relationships wither when either one partner chooses not to make any efforts in replenishing the love.

“It’s been quite a ride for me as an independent female artiste because for the most part, there aren’t as many women in the music business.

“What scares me the most is that the song is trending all over the world be it in Germany, Russia, Australia and South Korea, I didn’t know that as a woman I have the power to make the world sing,” said JØY.

On her recent chat with Beau Young Prince, JØY revealed that she was afraid of expressing herself through music.
“Before picking up the mic, I was afraid that people would not understand my music. However, the greatest lesson I have learned is for me to seek not to be understood, but to be unique and give my all in whatever I do.

“I took a risk and people are loving and appreciating my shortcomings and it’s one of the most fulfilling feelings for me right now.

“It encourages me to do more as an artiste and reassures me that the possibilities are endless,” said JØY.

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