Jilted lover demands gifts back

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Jilted lover demands gifts back


Hazel Marimbiza
A BULAWAYO woman regrets the day she agreed to date her ex-lover because he now assaults her, demanding that she gives him back everything that he bought for her when they were dating.

Danisa Muwindi seems determined to make Rongina Manyathi’s life hell unless she pays him back.
In order to show his seriousness, he goes to Manyathi’s home and insults her and her new lover.

As if that is not enough, Muwindi also reportedly follows Manyathi to work and in most instances assaults her.
A terrified Manyathi is now a laughing stock in her community. She has been left with no option but to seek relief from the courts.

“I separated with Danisa Muwindi in April 2020 because he used to assault me.

Now he is following me to work and starts shouting and assaulting me demanding the things he bought for me while we were still together.

He is now going to the extent of insulting the man I stay with. I am therefore, applying for a protection order against him that he must not come near me,” said Manyathi.

Magistrate Tancy Dube granted the order.

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