Jeys to perform for President

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Jeys to perform for President President Mnangagwa and Jeys Marabini


Danisa Masuku

Let’s, for a minute, retreat to the first days of December 2019. President Mnangagwa had just met Bulawayo artistes, Caps United were the favourites for the Premier Soccer League title and international media was days away from spreading ridiculous falsehoods about the Victoria Falls being dry. 

Highlanders had just won the Chibuku Super Cup, and Jeys Marabini had just put up a splendid performance for the first civil servant. 

While other artistes were more concerned about airing their grievances to the President at a meeting held at a local hotel in Bulawayo, Majahawodwa Ndlovu, who goes by the moniker Jeys Marabini, was more anxious about delivering a beautiful presentation for the Head of State. 

And deliver he did. 

And President Mnangagwa, who listened attentively, was charmed by Jeys’s music. 

After his top drawer performance, which got the crowd on their feet, Jeys was called by the President and a special meeting was arranged. 

“I have spent 30 years in the music industry and I have never had an opportunity to perform before the Head of State and Government and where the Head of State had a meeting with us as artistes in Bulawayo and that was a special one of its kind. When I was told I will be performing during break time intervals I got happy although fear struck because it’s not a stroll in the park to perform before the President,” he said.

He added: “When my time came I took to the stage. It seems I did well because soon after the performance the President dispatched his aide to call me.”

Jeys revealed that he was nervous.

“Being called by the Head of State and Government is not a joke so as a result a feeling of nervousness gripped me, but I quickly got rid of it. I got very much happy when the President said he likes my music and likes its uniqueness. He said he never knew there was such talent in Bulawayo and talented musician like me,” said an ecstatic Jeys.

He added: “That was a special moment for me that I will treasure for the rest of my life.”

The President showed his seal of approval for him by inviting him for a performance and lunch with him at State House. 

“The President invited me for a performance and lunch at State house. This will go down as one of my major highlights in my three decades musical career and for 2019 in particular, it will occupy a special place in my heart,” he said.

He said he is patiently waiting for the call from State House.

“We are now waiting to be called by the office of the President and Cabinet for us to head to Harare to meet up with his Excellency,” he said.

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