Jealous hubby assaults neighbour for talking to wife

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Jealous hubby assaults neighbour for talking to wife


Hazel Marimbiza

A Bulawayo man shocked Mpopoma residents when he assaulted his neighbour after spotting him talking to his wife.

It is understood that when Jomo Mnkandla saw Phethangani Nyoni exchanging words with his wife he became very jealous and hurled insults at Nyoni before assaulting and threatening to kill him.

Since then, Nyoni has not had peace because Mnkandla constantly accuses him of having an affair with his wife.

To add salt to injury, Mnkandla repeatedly assaults Nyoni and threatens to kill him.

In order to protect his peace, Nyoni decided to seek justice from the courts.

“I wish to apply for a peace order against Mnkandla, who has been accusing me of having a love affair with his wife. He comes to my home and insults me in front of my kids. He threatens to kill me. He is tarnishing my name because of his false accusations. I wish the court to grant me a peace order so that he stops harassing me. I would never date his wife because she is older than my mother. He should stop spreading lies about me,” said Nyoni.

In his defence Mnkandla said he did all that because he believed Nyoni was having an affair with his wife.

Western Commonage magistrate Urgent Vundla ordered Mnkandla to refrain from assaulting and insulting Nyoni. He furthered ordered Mnkandla to stay away from Nyoni’s premises.

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