Janet Manyowa pays tribute to women

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Janet Manyowa pays tribute to women


Langalakhe Mabena


Multi-award-winning gospel diva Janet Manyowa penned a song titled Wakakosha (You Are Important), which was released on 8 March (International Women’s Day) as a way of celebrating and reminding women of their importance in the world.


“To celebrate Women’s Month, I just want people to know that they are beautiful and special in the eyes of the Lord. You are the apple of his eye. You don’t have to change anything because uri chido chemoyo waMwari (You are a gift from God),” said Manyowa on the release of the song.


On creating the song, she worked with some of the finest composers and instrumentalists including Mike Madzinga, Andrew Baird and seasoned guitarist Clive Mono Mukundu.


Mukundu who once worked with the late legend Oliver Mtukudzi couldn’t resist sharing his experience on the production of the song.


“A few weeks ago, I was at Mark Madzinga’s studio to work with him, Andrew Baird, and Janet Manyowa on this single (Wakakosha), and now it’s out.



“One thing I love about working with Andrew Baird is that he subscribes to what I call the “prophetic” recording style, and allows me to do it every time I work with him.



“This is what happens: When we are producing, he always calls me after almost everything, including after the main vocals are laid down. So as soon as I get in, he just plays me the song for the very first time and I just connect my guitar and improvise and “monolise” whatever I feel.



“Of course, we might fix one or two minor glitches because I won’t be aware of the changes and other arrangements, but the bulk of what ends up on the song is a result of this ‘prophetic’ theory.


“I have worked with the guy for more than 20 years, so we just flow like that. I enjoyed the production of Wakakosha, the song is a classic,” posted Mukundu on his Facebook timeline.





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