Is it disgusting?

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Is it disgusting?


Nhlalwenhle Ncube

WHEN it comes to the issue of sex you really get to understand that people are different confirming the old adage that one man’s meat is another man’s poison.

There are certain sexual positions which take other people to heaven and back while somewhere someone feels sex- starved with them. Anyway that is not where my point is today, but the issue of sucking and licking as a disgusting act. Is it, really?

Obviously on that one I expect different answers depending on each person’s character. I do not understand why some people think going down on their partner is a non-event. Surprisingly the same people enjoy being licked and even have the courage to ask for it. Yes, I know am talking to women and it seems most of them are the ones who act that way.

At least with men it’s easy, if you feel uncomfortable going down on him because of urine smell, you can just ask him to bath. This whole thing should be balanced and since you feel special when a man goes down on you, it’s just the same with them. Few women have failed to master that, so if you really like it, know that he is expecting the same from you.

To make it worse for men, some women find it disgusting after the thought that the same thing is used for urinating.

What is worse, urine and the bloody thing? Let’s be serious because there are some men who even go down there when it’s bleeding. I know someone is saying, “crazy world.” It is indeed a crazy one and worse that craziness is seen in the bedroom.

Of course there is so much disgust at the idea of period sex and I would not be surprised that people are intensely grossed out by the concept of going down on someone who’s menstruating. Anyway we will never move forward if we had to wait for everyone on earth to accept one sexual practice. Those who are wild and like experimenting can go on.

What I’m talking about now is similar to last week’s article of anal sex. Not everyone is doing it, but there are some couples who enjoy it. So in the interests of pursuing great sex and orgasms, get real and enjoy as long as your partner gives you consent. If it’s not for you, that’s fine. If you don’t feel even a tiny bit sexy on your period, you go ahead and skip oral sex. There is nothing dirty or unhygienic in any way about period blood. Nothing bad will happen if these fluids make their way on someone’s tongue, hands or face. It sounds crazy I know! In actual fact, the blood would not be as much as most people imagine. A tampon can also be used during oral sex so that the other party can lick and suck without getting into the vajayjay.

After having said that about bloody oral sex let me go back to the usual blow job game. Do not be shy to let your man go down there. At times you find that there are some women who struggle to reach the big O through sex, but with blow job have managed to have a taste of it.

It is a fact that women reach orgasm quicker and more often from oral sex than from penetrative sex. Most women can’t orgasm from penetration alone. There has to be some clitoral stimulation either before or during penetration for an orgasm to happen!

As a woman you must also know moves that will bring his lust to boil. Just like foreplay matters for women, men too need a bit of foreplay to excite them now and then.

Hi sister. Ngemfundiso yakho enhle imizi izaqina. About doing it the other way, communication is very important.

I think anal sex is abnormal and it was just meant to remove waste.

We are in the 21st Century and people should understand that. I am one person who does anal sex most of the times.

It’s all about getting used to it. At first it was painful, but now I enjoy it. It is important for your husband to know how to go about it.

You are right, people should make choices, but at the same time we should tell them when they are beginning to go crazy. There are a lot of sexual positions and I wonder if there is anyone who has done all of them to think doing it the other way.
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