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There are many ways you can increase your speed depending on many attributes such as your level of fitness, training experience, body composition etc. without sprinting. Sprinting will not have much of an impact on increasing your speed.

The same goes for leaping and bounding,A� plyometric drills and improving flexibility and mobility. For the untrained athlete the quickest way to increase linear speed (as well as agility) is through improvements in body composition (losing fat if overweight or increasing muscle mass if underweight) and GPP (stands for general physical preparation ie in the case of sprinting boosting general fitness and relative body strength).

Agility refers to the ability to start, stop and change direction. I will show you all the secrets to become quicker and therefore more dangerous in your sport.

. STRETCHING: Before beginning any workouts, it is absolutely essential to stretch the targeted muscle groups. In this case, it will be the legs.

Standing quadriceps stretch: Stand erect and hold on to something stationary like the wall to keep balance. Grasp your right ankle from behind with your right hand. Pull the ankle toward your rear end. Hold this stretch for approximately ten seconds. When performing this exercise, make sure your knee is perpendicular with the ground.

You should feel a nice pull on your quadriceps. Repeat with the left leg.

STANDING HAMSTRING STRETCH: Stand and bend over with your knees straight, touching/grabbing your feet with your hands. If you cannot reach your feet, reach down as far as you can and hold the stretch for approximately 10 seconds. Do not bounce up and down trying to touch your feet or you might get injured. Your spine may be either bent or erect, it does not matter.

PLYOMETRICS: Plyometrics are basically a type of exercise that uses explosive movements, often repetitive, to develop muscular power in order to generate a large amount of force quickly.

HURDLE HOPPING: Before you start this exercise, set up 8-10 hurdles about 24-36 inches apart from each other. The height of the hurdles should be anywhere between 12-36 inches high, depending on your experience level and your hopping ability.To perform this exercise, jump forward over the hurdles, keeping your feet together. Try to jump over the hurdles by exploding from your legs, going as high as you can; the hips and arms should be involved when performing this exercise.

DEPTH JUMPS: Before you start this exercise, you need a box approximately 12-36 inches high. Make sure this box is steady and safe. If you dona��t think it is, find a sturdy chair or use the workout bench at the gym. To start this exercise, stand on top of your box (or whatever) with your toes close to the edge. Step down from the box and quickly jump up as high as possible. Picture your legs as springs exploding like a stick of dynamite.

Know your limits:DonotA� just imitate what the big guys in the gym are doing. Be sure that you can hit the weight at least eight times with excellent form before you attempt the weight. After your workout you do the cool down and stretch it out and you will be done with the workout.

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