‘I still need my donkeys’

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‘I still need my donkeys’ Cekisile Mtambo


A man from Mbembesi area, who axed his brother-in-law for stealing his donkeys has insisted that he needs his animals back as they were his source of income to take care of his seven children.

Cekisile Mtambo (39), who is serving a 15-month jail-term on charges of assault, said his children had been sent away from school over non-payment of school fees.

In an interview, Mtambo said his issue with his brother-in-law started sometime last year, when he came and borrowed his scorch cart and donkeys with a friend as they wanted to transport their goods.

“I had a close relationship with my brother-in-law such that we could share anything as he was married to one of my sisters.

“When he came in the company of his friend, I never suspected they were up to no good and I gave them a go-ahead to use my scotch cart to carry their goods.

“I started suspecting that these guys were not up to no good, when they delayed in bringing back my property. I only saw them around 7pm, which was not the initial time that we had agreed upon when I gave them my property,” he said.

On arrival, it is reported that the duo went to Mtambo’s homestead and told him that they had driven his donkeys to his kraal.

“My brother-in-law, in the company of his friend, came to my homestead very late, it was around 7pm and they told me that my scotch cart was just outside my kraal and the donkeys were in the kraal.


“I believed the information that I got from these guys and I slept just like everyone else at home, but to my surprise the next morning I discovered that all my donkeys were not there,” he said.

The inmate said on discovering that his animals were not in the kraal, he told his brother-in-law who professed ignorance on the whereabouts of the donkeys.

“When I told my brother-in-law about this new development he pretended as if he never knew anything about it and he even helped me in looking around but to no avail.

“He later suggested that we report the issue to the police while we were looking around as it was also possible that they could have been stolen,” he said.

Mtambo said he later got a tip-off from members of the community that his brother-in-law had sold the animals to someone from another village. In an effort to verify this information the inmate visited the buyer, who also confirmed the transaction.

“When I got the information on my donkeys I went and met the buyer who told me that my brother-in-law had actually sold him the donkeys.

“The buyer told me the story of what really transpired on the night in question and to make matters worse he even showed me one of my donkeys that I was looking for,” he   said.

The inmate said after gathering the information, he confronted his brother-in-law, who threatened to assault him.


“When my brother-in-law threatened to assault me at a bar I left and ambushed him at a nearby bush and I axed him on the chest.

“I attacked him because he proved that he was evil to me, how can you steal animals that are a source of my income?

As we speak my kids are not are not going to school because of not paying fees,” he said.

When the matter was reported to the police the inmate was picked up by the police for investigations.

“When I was taken to court I was found guilty of having taken the law into my own hands by attacking my brother-in-law.


“I was advised to follow the normal procedure and for my actions I was sentenced to 15 months in prison and I was moved to Bulawayo Prison to start serving,” he said.

Whilst at Bulawayo Prison, the inmate said he is being given an opportunity to perfect his skill in thatching since that has always been his profession.

“I would like to thank the management of Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Service (ZPCS) for giving me an opportunity to develop my skill while in prison as part of rehabilitation.

“As we speak I have got three guys that I am working with in thatching and I hope by the time I complete my jail term a lot of people would have benefited from my skill,” he said.

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