I sold my Japan trip ticket to start a studio: Tizzie

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I sold my Japan trip ticket to start a studio: Tizzie


Bubelo Moyo

Who doesn’t want a vacation out of Africa?

Well, for local budding musician Tinashe Basa also known as Tizzie in the local music scene it is a different story.  He sold his vacation “ticket” to Japan to open up a master class music production studio.

The travel quotation to the Asian destination was more than US$2 000.

Instead of taking the vacation blessings from his father, Tizzie  decided to cancel the trip and buy studio equipment. 

“I was given US$2 000 for a vacation to Japan. With the money granted to me by my father I chose to build a recording studio to attain my musical dream that would help me travel to wherever I wanted.”

The studio has proven to be useful to many local artistes.

The first track to be produced in the state-of-the-art studio was titled Themba Lami, a piece he featured CBZ A Academy finalist Exmile, Skaiva and Nina.

The soundtrack is available on online music platforms.

Why the title Themba lami for your debut track?

“The song is a dedication to my loving dad who is the pillar of my trust and also Themba lami is a piece of allegiance to the kids I work with at Zimkids Orphanage Trust which seeks to support orphans. 

“The studio as well is a facility to help nurture the talent of the orphans who are interested in music,” said Tizzie.

The artiste had the dream of becoming a musician since grade three and he got his shot at the age of 30 and he is not likely to quit anytime soon.

“Never giving up was my drive and this is to say to all youngsters out there that their opportunity is on the way and whenever it’s disposed to them, they should grab it with both hands.”

The music star seeks to give back to the community and offer a platform for developing talented young artistes by working with them in his studio.

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