I know my son’s killers, father of slain teen says

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I know my son’s killers, father of slain teen says Vusa Msipha


Kwanele Khumalo
THE father of a 17-year-old teenager who was stabbed and drowned in Inyathi’s area of Famona has revealed that he knows the people who murdered his son but will not name them as he fears that they will kill him.

Thembalenkosi Msipha was killed on 14 May 2021 on his way to buy relish for fellow mine workers. He had been accompanied by his friend, Newman Sibanda, but Sibanda returned alone and told the mine workers that he had left

Thembalenkosi with his girlfriend, Nobuhle Ngwenya.
He was found three days later, floating dead in Mbembesi River with knife wounds on his face and back.

Thembalenkosi Msipha


Now Thembalenkosi’s father, Vusa Msipha, has come and said he knows his son’s killers after the girlfriend of one of the murderers approached him and named the murderers.

The girlfriend later told him that her boyfriend wants to kill her for spilling the beans.

“I know my son’s killers; I have been told by the people who saw them during the night they killed him. I’m afraid to mention them at the moment because Famona is not a safe place for me, they might turn out and kill me.

“There are people who showed me the site where my son was killed. They told me all the details, but I’m afraid I might die for revealing what they have said,” said Msipha.

Msipha believes his son was killed somewhere else and then dumped in the river.

“What amazed me is that his skin was not breaking down, if someone had been dead in water for three days his skin should wrinkle and peel. He also had mud and soil from the mine on his body which was a clear sign that he had been buried and exhumed to be dumped in the river.

“He had two knife wounds on the face and the other one at the back and he was still holding his phone,” said Msipha.
Msipha is convinced his son’s girlfriend and the friend are not telling the truth about what happened to his son.

“The day after he went missing, I went to his girlfriend’s place in the morning, we didn’t find him and his girlfriend told us he had left around 2 after receiving a call from his fellow workers.

“But what raised suspicion to me is that his friend’s statements and of the girlfriend were totally different, these people were used as a bridge to kill my son,” he said.

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