‘I am not mad’

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‘I am not mad’ Dumisani ‘‘Ma Forty’’ Ndlovu


Langalakhe Mabena
He expressed so many sentiments this year especially on social media and many dismissed funny ace-man Dumisani “Ma Forty” Ndlovu as a lunatic.

His best moment of “psychosis” was in March when he ran amok and said, “Bulawayo artistes are lazy”.

Judge him or not, whatever he utters from social media, directly to the media, and mostly on his intellectual comic sets, just like Hitler, Ma Forty is always right!

To clear the air from critics, the multi-award-winning farceur is set to address his mental stability as he is embarking on a one-man show set in Harare on 23 October at Jasen Mphepo Little Theatre.

In Bulawayo, those who understand intelligent comedy are set to laugh their lungs out on 30 October at the Zimbabwe Music Academy.

“I am not mad” is the name of the one-man set.

Ma Forty said the show was inspired by things he saw from his personal perspective.

“The one-man set is just about my perspective on things. What I do, think or say doesn’t mean I am mad. Just because I am unapologetic and a straight shooter with words doesn’t also mean I am a madman.

“Half of the show takes you through a perspective of a depressed person, and you know when you are depressed one can be out of character and you can be called Mad.

“So, I am trying to get people to understand that it’s not madness, it’s just a person going through something at that particular moment,” said Ma Forty.

He said people must expect to laugh as he has taken his comedy skills to another level.

“I have grown as a comedian and so mature, the content I am going to deliver is original and fresh. People are bound to laugh on the whole set,” said Ma Forty.

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