Hwabaraty,childhood sweetheart’s love story

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Hwabaraty,childhood sweetheart’s love story Hwabaraty and wife Precious Phiri on their wedding



Langalakhe Mabena

The best part about childhood love is finding someone who can become your best friend for life, and award-winning alternative artiste Hwabaraty (real name Japhet Mlauzi) is fortunate to have met Precious Phiri on the first page of his love book.

The two childhood sweethearts tied the knot with a traditional wedding on the last weekend of April at The Grand Vista in Bulawayo.

Their love story unfolded on the dusty streets of Njube suburb’s C Square where Hwabaraty and Precious met while they were in their late teens.

Interestingly, they were neighbours and because of that closeness, Hwabaraty couldn’t resist Precious’ charm, a beautiful and naïve drum majorette back then in days.

“Me and Precious grew up in the same neighbourhood in Njube, she was my childhood sweetheart and I always dreamt of wedding her one day and today it has come to fruition.

“She was a drum majorette and you know it was an in thing back then to date a girl who was skilled in that department.

She was very quiet and well collected, this is the major reason among many that made me to propose love to her,” said Hwabaraty.

As the saying goes “it grows as it goes,” the two lovebirds felt like their love had matured at some point and this resulted in God giving them an early blessing in their relationship and Sinethemba (their 12-year-old daughter) was born.

In most cases, young men who often get to be parents at a younger age are said to be reckless as they run away from responsibilities that come with raising a child.

The common story is not different from that of Hwabaraty.

“When we had our beautiful daughter Sne, we started having pressure just like most young parents and this drove me to shun responsibilities because there was no income on my end, remember here (in Zimbabwe) being an artiste doesn’t pay enough.

“So, running from responsibilities made Precious to relocate to South Africa, she became the breadwinner and she managed to keep my daughter very well while distance had separated us,” said Hwabaraty.

Wrong decision-making choices, long distance, regrets and fame, made Hwabaraty and Precious distant, only later on to realise that traditional customs (paying lobola and wedding) were to be properly followed for them to be a happy family.

“When precious went to Mzansi, things were no longer the same.

Long distance affected us so much.

Yes, I visited them but that was not enough. Eventually, there came a point where we separated.

“Our separation became a huge learning phase in our lives.

I started dating a white woman, not in a bad way, but that held my life. Fame happened and I lost direction.

“I love my daughter so much, and when parents are distant, things seem not to be moving well on the child’s life and us parents we always put such burdens on the innocent souls.

“As mature parents, Precious and I sat down and we re-ignited our love, the main reason was to make sure our daughter gets a good and a healthy life and grow up as normally as other kids with both parents surrounding her.

“A conclusion of them returning to Zimbabwe played a critical role in cementing us as one family and eventually driving us to get married,” said Hwabaraty.

Despite their difference, Precious was always there and was Hwabaraty’s pillar of strength.

She supported Hwabaraty’s career spiritually and emotionally, during tough times she could chip in and help the father of her child even financially.

“Precious has a beautiful soul and my daughter is blessed to have an angelic mother in her form.

Even when we separated, she could support me spiritually and emotionally.

Every time when I thought my career was going south, I would talk to her and her words kept me going.

“There were hard times in my life where I couldn’t manage to pay rent, Precious would show up in my life and help me every moment I needed assistance.

She is my angel and us tying the knot, is a sign of our undying love for each other,” said Hwabaraty.

The Njelele hitmaker encouraged young artistes to make the right decisions while there is still time and get married if the opportunity is there.

“For a man to be successful in life, a woman is needed to guide him to light. I urge artistes to make proper decisions and get married if time permits.

“Marriage is a beautiful thing as long as you wed your soulmate, that person will build you,” said Hwabaraty.




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