Hubby sets-up man-bashing wife

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Hubby sets-up man-bashing wife Khumblani Moyo


Melissa Chekwa

Deja-vu at its worst!

Khumbulani Moyo thought he could survive living with his own self-proclaimed ‘Mike Tyson’ wife after he was granted a protection order against her in 2017. Little did he know that history always had a way of ‘repeating’ itself as he allegedly found himself in the same spot he was in three years ago.

A court heard that at the beginning of the month, Moyo went home drunk around 2am to a sleeping Sizimisele Sibanda and started looking for his laptop.

“He violently shook me and asked where I had hidden his laptop. I told him I didn’t know where it was but he refused to listen and accused me saying I sold his laptop to my friends,” said Sibanda.

Sibanda said Moyo was convinced that she had taken the laptop. He threw her out of the house telling her not to come back again.

She said she refused to leave because she had nowhere to go and it was very late for her to be going around the streets alone.

Her refusal to leave the house didn’t sit well with the drunk Moyo that was already furious. The duo started exchanging words and Moyo testified that Sibanda started punching him in his face, arms and issued threats against him.

Sibanda ended up sleeping in their house on that day and the laptop was found in the morning under a heap of clothes.

Moyo sought medical attention the following day and it was heard that the doctor found no injuries and any sign of foul play on his head.

“I feared for my life because she had badly abused me in 2017 and I had to get a protection order against her. For her to threaten that she was going to stab me with a knife and to defy a court order by doing it again made me fear for my life,” alleged Moyo.

He denied being drunk on that fateful day before the court but later confirmed his intoxication after presiding magistrate Urgent Vundla cross examined him at the Western Commonage courts.

The magistrate said Moyo’s testimony was not credible and authentic as he contradicted himself in his testimony. Sibanda was acquitted of the charge of failure to comply with terms of a court order.

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