Hubby in suicide bid over wife infidelity

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Hubby in suicide bid over wife infidelity


Sukoluhle Ndlovu

In a botched suicide attempt, a 48-year-old man from Shurugwi under Chief Nhema escaped death by a whisker after he gulped rat poison when he discovered his wife’s infidelity.

Taurai Moyo was quickly rushed to hospital by his neighbour, who found him writhing in pain.

A B-Metro mole who spoke on condition of anonymity said Moyo had been having marital problems with his youthful wife Petty Chuma (21) for the past two years. 

“Moyo and Chuma have been having marital problems since two years back. Rumour has it that Moyo is failing to satisfy his youthful wife in bed and she resorted to an extra-marital affair.

“His wife is young and it seems he is having difficulties satisfying her. This pushed Chuma to start having an illicit affair on the side with Nevermore Gudo. It’s not the first time for her to have an extra marital affair. She was once in a relationship with their herdboy whom Moyo fired after discovering about the relationship,” said the source.

After the incident, the matter was discussed by Moyo and Chuma families and Chuma was warned to desist from having extra marital affairs.

“After the herdboy saga, their relatives had a meeting about Chuma’s shenanigans and she apologised to both families and promised to change. It seems she never repented,” said the source.

Chuma has since been dragged to Chief Nhema’s traditional court following Moyo’s recovery.

“Moyo was treated and discharged but his family has taken the matter to Chief Nhema.”

Chief Nhema confirmed receiving the matter although he hasn’t presided over it.

“I received such a matter but I am yet to preside over it,” he said.

B-Metro managed to track down Chuma who confirmed having an affair saying it was a moment of weakness.

“It’s a mistake that l deeply regret and my husband and his family forgave me. I have since learnt that l have to be open with my husband for us to have a healthy sex life,” she said.

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