Hubby busts wife’s sex for bread deal

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Hubby busts wife’s sex for bread deal


Sukoluhle Ndlovu

A 25-year-old woman from Dzingai Village in Gokwe under Chief Nemangwe slept with her husband’s best friend in exchange for two loaves of bread each time they had sex.

The woman, Miriam Dube, left Chief Nemangwe’s traditional court in shock when she confessed that her love for bread led her to commit adultery.

Dube’s husband, Obert Sibanda, discovered that his wife was sleeping with his best friend Oswald Moyo when Dube had a fall out with Moyo over unpaid four loaves of bread which Moyo was yet to pay after being given sexual services on “credit”.

A source, Pikisayi Maparadza said Dube tried fighting Moyo after discovering the shocking truth but he was overpowered and he resorted to reporting the matter to Chief Nemangwe.

“Dube went to Moyo’s homestead to ask for her four loaves of bread which Moyo had promised to pay the following morning. Upon arrival, Moyo said he did not have any money, and this did not go down well with Dube.

“A misunderstanding ensued between the two until Dube’s husband was called to the scene. Upon inquiring about the bread payment, he was shocked to discover that his wife was having an illicit affair with his friend.

“He tried fighting Moyo but unfortunately he was overpowered and he went to report the matter to Chief Nemangwe,” he said.

Chief Nemangwe confirmed the incident saying he ordered Moyo to pay four cows to Sibanda.

“I presided over that matter last week and both Dube and Moyo admitted that they were having a sexual relationship.  Dube said each time they slept, Moyo would give her two loaves of bread. She said she did that as her husband doesn’t buy her bread.

“I warned her to stop having extra marital affairs and concentrate on her marriage. I also ordered Moyo to pay four cows to Sibanda for disrespecting his marriage in such a manner,” said Chief Nemangwe.

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