Hubby bites wife’s fingers

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Hubby bites wife’s fingers


Hazel Marimbiza

Josephine Mangena is tired of her fingers being bitten by her husband Luckmore Moyo every time they have a misunderstanding.

The couple which stays in Nketa 7 has not had peace for the past six months due to Moyo’s biting habits.

It is also reported that Moyo is a very violent man who usually bashes Mangena whenever they quarrel and ends up biting her fingers.

This has left Mangena fearing for her life leading her to seek justice from the courts.

“I wish to apply for a protection order against Moyo who is my husband. We bore three children together but he bites my fingers and injures them whenever we have an argument,” said Mangena.

She added: “He usually assaults me with clenched fists, harasses me and he also insults me with vulgar words. The respondent is also not responsible for the family. May the court assist me so that he might not assault, harass or insult me. I also want him to support the family,” said Mangena.

Western Commonage magistrate Urgent Vundla granted an interim order pending a final decision.

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