How safe is it to take drugs during pregnancy

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How safe is it to take drugs during pregnancy


Mthandazo Ndlovu

Drugs and substances of abuse have no safe time or period, the best one can do for themselves is to abstain and never indulge as it is not only harmful to you but also to your babies — this is directed to women.

When is it okay to use drugs or alcohol in small amounts during pregnancy?

Never. Pregnant women who use drugs such as heroin, methadone, amphetamines, marijuana, crack or cocaine can give birth to addicted babies who undergo withdrawal. These babies suffer from increased sensitivity to noise, irritability, poor co-ordination, tremours and feeding problems. Drinking alcohol during pregnancy can have a number of harmful effects on the new born, including mental retardation or organ abnormalities. The safest course for women who are pregnant or are trying to become pregnant is to abstain from drugs and alcohol.

If people just have a drink of alcohol, will it hurt them?

Most adults can drink up to two drinks a day for men and one drink per day for women and older people and avoid alcohol-related problems. It depends upon the ability of their liver to break the alcohol down. Drink too fast and one has a heavier “drugged” effect. (Brandy was even used as an anaesthetic before the discovery of morphine.) Drink too much and it acts as poison. Women become more intoxicated than men after drinking the same amount of alcohol because women’s bodies have proportionately less water than men’s bodies. Alcohol mixes with body water and a given amount of alcohol becomes more highly concentrated in a woman’s body than in a man’s. Teen bodies are still developing so alcohol has a greater impact on their physical and mental well-being.

Many believe that it is better not to drink at all because a problem with alcohol may develop and does with some people. Alcohol is a drug and always has effects.  But some people can digest a little alcohol and the body can dispose of it.

ν Mthandazo Ndlovu is a drug prevention and rehabilitation specialist. For more information and help in coming off drugs alcohol and substances of abuse contact 00263772399734 or email [email protected]

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