Houses pelted with stones, window panes shattered, residents petrified as . . . Goblin terror rocks suburb

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Houses pelted with stones, window panes shattered, residents petrified as . . . Goblin terror rocks suburb Residents mill outside one of the affected houses in Cowdray Park suburb


Danisa Masuku and Hazel Marimbiza

Cowdray Park residents have  been plunged into fear and shock after mysterious beings  believed to be goblins struck their window panes and asbestos roofing sheets during the night, leaving a trail of destruction.

The mysterious beings have so far attacked eight houses plunging residents into worry and fear.

Speaking to B-Metro, a spokesperson of the residents Leonard Nyakuhwa said when the sun sets they face a torrid time as stones rain randomly upon their houses. 

Now they believe goblin Ernest which used the same modus operandi last year to terrorise residents and was allegedly killed during a cleansing ceremony that attracted wide media attention has resurrected to torment them.

“As residents we are worried and shocked! When the sun sets  our lives are turned into misery  as mysterious beings rain stones  on our windows and asbestos. Window panes and asbestos have been left in pieces. We think that goblin Ernest has resurrected because it is using  the same method of attacking  using stones, ”he said. 

Mlandeli Moyo, whose seven window panes were smashed said he did not have money to repair them.

“This is a hellish time for me because I cannot manage to repair the damaged seven windows because I’m not gainfully employed at the  moment,” he said.

Goblins have forced them to have a curfew.

“In our area no one is supposed to be out of the house after 7pm   because every day after 7pm the goblins strike continuously. I make sure all my children are in the house and we lock ourselves in our houses,” he said. 

His property has been reduced to a shell.

“It destroyed my television set and a glass table,” said Moyo.

A resident, Fatima Zvingwevu said she was stressed the goblins would kill her children.

“I fear for my children as one got hit by a stone after the goblins attacked my house. We are in deep trouble and failure to take action could result in the goblins killing the children,” she said. 

Residents are of the strong belief that it’s an act of witchcraft. The residents appealed for assistance from prophets who can cast out the mysterious beings.

“We know someone dumped their goblins in our area. We need a powerful prophet to come and cast out the goblins  and name and shame the owner  so that all this torment comes to an end,” said a woman who only identified herself as MaNdlovu.

Nyakuhwa said in a bid to solve  the crisis they had engaged the councillor for the area — Kidwell  Mujuru.

“Councillor Mujuru came to see for himself. We advised him  that we are planning to hire a witch-hunter or prophet to conduct cleansing in the area. We are going to have a meeting to agree on how much  could be contributed by each household so that we pay for the services of a witch-hunter  or a prophet,” said Nyakuhwa.

Efforts to get hold of Councillor Kidwell Mujuru were  fruitless as his mobile number rang unanswered.

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