House-Kwaito movement is here to stay

11 Jul, 2022 - 10:07 0 Views
House-Kwaito movement is here to stay Mzistoz Mfanafuthi


Langalakhe Mabena

Many local artistes have always cried foul as they claimed promoters are not giving them a chance to showcase their talent.

However, such excuses are no longer expected from local creatives especially those doing House and Kwaito genres as Dab Three Events in collaboration with Phiri Events Solutions and Skyz Metro have come to the rescue and  supported local acts through the House-Kwaito Movement.

The crusade came to fruition after seeing a need to create and foster a relationship between creatives and their local potential followers.

So far, the House Kwaito movement did a litmus test and experimented by staging their first gig on 27 May at the National Gallery in Bulawayo which attracted a large audience as they paid to consume local music.

The positive outcomes from the gig and support from locals encouraged the promoters of the bash to go back to the drawing board.

From the outcomes of the meetings, it was concluded that the House-Kwaito movement will be done every month.

On 3 July, the second gig of the movement was successfully held at Cowdray Park terminus for free, so as to attract more crowds and familiarise them with local House and Kwaito artistes and their music.

The mahala deals were to convince the crowds that it was possible to pay and consume local products and still enjoy.

Sipho Mercent Nyathi, who is one of the organisers of the movement representing Dab Three Events said they were happy that the movement was growing and people seemed to appreciate local content.

“When we created the first show (before it turned to a movement), we saw that there was a need to create local audience for local acts to get an opportunity to be on stage and showcase their skills.

“Many local artistes were under the shadows of international acts who come to perform in the city as they will be their curtain raisers.

“Therefore, with that in mind, we then came up with the House-Kwaito movement so that we foster sustainability for local acts to make money through their craft.

“We staged our second gig at Cowdray Park and we were overwhelmed by the response.

“After that, we will be taking the movement to other Kasi be it Pumula, Entumbane, Mpopoma or Mzilikazi, every suburb will experience the movement soon,” said Nyathi.

One of local Kwaito kingpins who also hails from Cowdray Park, said he was privileged to perform in his suburb.

“Sometimes people from eKasi don’t know who we are and what we do, but courtesy of the movement staged in Cowdray, I discovered new fans in my hood and I expect to experience the same love and energy from other suburbs,” said Mzistoz Mfanafuthi.

Seasoned House female artiste Novuyo Seagirl who performed at all the gigs by the movement so far, said:“The drive will go a long way in creating local audience and also afford young artistes a chance to familiarise themselves with big stages.”

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